How to Disable Notifications for Specific Apps on Android

How to Disable Notifications for Specific Apps on AndroidAndroid 11 introduced the “Bubble” feature for apps like Facebook Messenger’s “Chat Heads”. The feature is enabled by default but you can disable it easily through the “Settings” of your device.

The notification bubble could interrupt your current activity and can be really annoying at the moment. In this guide, we will show you how to disable the notifications bubble for specific apps on Android.

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Disable Notification Bubble for Specific Apps on Android

Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how you can do it:

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the device “Settings”. The settings icon looks like a gear, tap on it to open it. You can also open the “Settings” by manually finding the app in your settings in your Android

Scroll down the “Settings” and select “Apps & Notifications”.apps and notifications in settings on android

Select “See all (number of apps on your device) apps” at the top of the screen.see all apps option in apps and notifications

Tap on the app’s name you want to disable the notification bubble for.choose the app to turn the bubble notification

Select “Notifications” from the app notifications settings of the app

Next, tap on “Bubbles”.tap on bubbles to change the notification bubble settings

Change the setting to “Nothing can bubble” to disable the nothing can bubble to disable notification bubble on android

In this way, the notification bubble feature for that particular app will be disabled. You can turn it back on anytime you want by following the same steps mentioned above and choosing “All conversations can bubble” instead of the “Nothing can bubble” option.

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