How to Disable Precise Location for Apps on iPhone

How to Disable Precise Location for Apps on iPhoneSome apps require your location for delivery purposes or to track something down for you, whereas some apps ask you for a location to perform menial tasks. It is unnecessary to share your location with such apps.

iOS 14 users and above can stop apps from using their precise location. The apps will only know the approximate location and won’t be able to track down the exact location on the street or a landmark.

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There are a number of location control features in the iPhone that lets the users grant location access to apps when required. In this guide we will show you how to disable precise location for apps on the iPhone.

Disable Precise Location for Apps on iPhone

There are two ways you can enable or disable this feature, I.e. from the location access prompt that appears when the app asks you to grant location or from the Settings app.

Tap on the “Precise” button when you get the location access prompt to enable or disable it.turn off precise location for apps

To change the location access status for an app, head over to “Settings” on iPhone. You can locate the Settings app manually in your device and tap on the gear icon to open it or use the spotlight feature to search for the app and open it from the search results.

Then select “Privacy” from the “Settings”.go to privacy in settings to access location services

Here, choose the “Location Services” option from the top of the list.location services for apps on iPhone

Now select an app to enable or disable its precise location access.location services for apps

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the “Precise Location” option. Toggle the switch to disable it.toggle the switch to enable or disable precise location for apps

You can repeat the same steps mentioned above for other apps. Remember that this feature will only appear if you have “Location Services” for the app.

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