How to Disable Siri For When You Hold an iPhone Button

Disable Siri When You Press iPhone’s ButtonSiri activates every time you press and hold either side button on newer iPhone models or the Home button on the older ones. This could get annoying sometimes as you didn’t want to trigger it intentionally. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to disable it.

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In this guide, we will show you how you can disable Siri for when you hold an iPhone button.

Disable Siri When You Press iPhone’s Button

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to learn how you can do it:

Start by opening the iPhone’s Settings which has a gear icon. You can open it by manually finding the Settings app in your device or by using the Spotlight settings in your iPhone

In Settings, scroll down to the “Accessibility” option and tap on it.go to accessibility in your iPhones settings

In “Accessibility” go to the “Physical and Motor” section. Here you will find an option which will differ depending on your device’s model:

iPhone X or Later: Tap on “Side Button”

iPhone with Home button: Tap on “Home Button”side button option in accessibility

In the “Side Button” or “Home Button” accessibility settings, scroll down to the “Press and Hold to Speak” section. Here tap on the “Off” option.turn off press and hold to speak

Following the above-mentioned steps will disable Siri. Now when you will press or hold the side button or the home button on your iPhone, Siri will not be activated. You can use the “Hey Siri” feature if you want to trigger it.

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