How to Disable “Tab Hover Card” in Google Chrome

Most of us don’t know what a tab hovercard in google chrome is. Tab Hover card is a tag that appears when you point the most pointer on the opened tab. It is beneficial when you have many tabs opened in Google Chrome and cannot differ one from the other. Hover Card helps you know which tab is of which hover card

Sometimes users find the pop-up card kind of distracting or not of much use. You can always disable the hovercard in Google Chrome 78 using the Flag. In this guide, you will learn how to disable the Hover Card that appears when moving the mouse pointer on tabs.

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Disabling the “Tab Hover Card” in Google Chrome

You need to be careful while playing around with the flag features. Flag features are the un-finished features which are not tested on every device and can sometimes come with a few bugs. Here’s how to disable the ‘Tab Hover card” feature:

  1. Open Google Chrome and type “chrome://flags” in the address barFlags in google chrome
  2. Now type “Tab Hover Card” in the Search box given on the top of the Experiments hover card search result
  3. Next click on the Dropdown Box gave right beside the Tab Hover Card search result.Tab hover card drop down menu
  4. Select “Disabled” from the Drop-Down menu.disabled the tab hover card
  5. Google Chrome will ask you to relaunch Chrome to force changes that you have made. Click on “Relaunch Now”relaunch google chrome

Similarly, if you want the tab pop up tag back you can follow the same procedure mentioned above, but select the “Default” option from the Drop-Down menu.

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