How to Disable TouchPad Scrolling in Windows 10

Laptop Touch-pad allows the user to navigate the device through gestures. Gestures feature can be used by dragging the combination of two, three or four fingers on the touchpad. Scrolling through touchpad is mostly done by dragging two fingers on the touchpad. It is a great alternative method to scroll when your mouse scroll wheel is broken or the mouse is not available. Sometimes, you find yourself scrolling when you don’t really mean to use the feature. If you do not want the scroll available on the touchpad, you can always disable it from settings.

In this guide, I’ll take you to step by step how you can disable Scrolling from Touchpad in Windows 10.

Disabling Touchpad Scroll Gesture

If you find the scrolling via touchpad a hindrance, here’s how you can disable the touchpad scroll gesture in Windows 10:

  1. Go to Settings in your Windows either through Start menu or by searching from the Search on Taskbar.System Settings
  2. Click on the Devices in Settingsdevices
  3. Now select Touchpad settings from the left panel.Touchpad
  4. Click on “Additional Settings” given on the extreme right of the screen under the “Related Settings” headingrelated settings
  5. A mouse Properties box will appear on the screen, select the ThinkPad tab.Settings
  6. Choose Settings option
  7. Synaptic Control Panel box will appear on the screen, on the General tab uncheck Scrolling (Slide two fingers anywhere or one finger on the right edge to Scroll) uncheck the Scrolling option

In this way, your scrolling via touchpad will be disabled. You can also enable it by following the same method mentioned above.

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