When using an external mouse and laptop keyboard, touchpad often changes the location of the cursor which is an annoying thing. So, the best thing you can do is to disable the touchpad while using an external mouse. It is very easy to do this on Windows 10, all it requires to change a single setting that automatically disables the mouse as soon as an external mouse is connected.

Disable Touchpad when an External Mouse is Connected

To disable touchpad while the mouse is connected to the Windows, you need to Go to the Devices group of settings and click on the Touchpad tab. You can disable or enable the touchpad from there, but in case you want to disable touchpad when an external mouse is connected, then uncheck the option ‘Leave touchpad on when the mouse is connected option’ option.

Disable Touchpad while using External Mouse

It will automatically disable the mouse as soon as an external mouse is connected. In case the external mouse is a wired mouse then the touchpad will automatically stop. Wireless mouse is a bit different, some people may leave the wireless device dongle connected which is treated as a connect mouse in Windows 10.

In case you also leave your dongle connected then to enable your touchpad you must remove the dongle to continue working with the Touchpad.


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