Ubuntu programs are not always stable, whenever you upgrade new programs or beta releases, they might cause issues. The best possible way is to downgrade the programs to the previous version. There are a few simple steps you can follow to get the earlier version of the application. The Linux terminal provides the apt-cache system and the synaptic package manager which helps in getting back the stable version.

Downgrading any Ubuntu App using apt-cache

With the help of Apt-get program management tool, you will get apt-cache. The cache maintains several versions of the programs that are previously installed on Ubuntu. The apt-cache is the best way to get back the earlier version of every app you previously installed on the system. Until and unless you didn’t run the apt clean command that can clean the apt cache.

It is very easy to get the earlier version of any application, all you need is to follow a few simple steps using the command line.

Open the Terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T or Ctrl + Shift + T from the keyboard. Use the apt-cache show command to show Ubuntu’s package cache for the program to downgrade.

apt-cache show program-name

Check the search command returns and find the version you need to downgrade to.


After you find the app version you need, you need to force the Ubuntu to use that specific version. The apt install command helps you to get back the earlier version of the app. All it requires is the package name and version number in the command:

sudo apt install packagname=version

Showing all the versions using policy command

You can detect different versions of the packages in the Ubuntu apt-cache by using the policy as well instead of the search command.

apt-cache policy package-name

It will show up all the available versions of a specific package as well as different other details. As soon as you find the desired package version use the install command to install the specific package version.

sudo apt install packagename=version

Apt cache search command for finding all the versions of the Ubuntu programs

Downgrading any Ubuntu App using Synaptic Package Manager

The Synaptic package manager also allows you to downgrade any application to its earlier version that was previously installed. First of all, you need to install synaptic package manager:

sudo apt install synaptic

Now start the Synaptic package manager by searching the application. It will ask the password for the system. As soon as the app opens up, you need to find the click on the search button and write the name of the package to downgrade.

Search Function in Synpatic Package Manager

Click on the program to downgrade and click the Package menu and choose the Force Version provides a menu for the package that allows choosing the alternate version of the program. Choose the older version and click “Force” button to downgrade.

Downgrade Ubuntu Program Using Synaptic Package

Click on the Apply button to implement the changes.

Undo the Downgrading of any Application

You can also undo the downgrade of any Ubuntu program and open the terminal window and run the update command for updates.

sudo apt update

Running the upgrade command will find the downgraded program that is out of date and installs the latest version automatically.

sudo apt upgrade -y


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