How to Download TV Shows and Movies from Netflix

How to Download TV Shows and Movies from NetflixNetflix is one of the most popular movies and TV Shows streaming platform. There might be times when you are going on a flight or a trip where you can’t have access to the internet connection or cellular data isn’t working, to save yourself from boredom you can play the show that you have already downloaded from Netflix.

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Netflix has introduced the download feature for certain movies and TV Shows on its app. In this guide, we will show you how to download TV Shows or Movies from Netflix.

Download Movies or TV Shows from Netflix

Though you can’t download every show or movie on the Netflix app, there is a wide collection available for download. You can download all the Netflix original content. Here’s how you can do it:

First, Open the Netflix app in your device, and tap on the “Menu” button given on the upper-left corner of the Netflix app from the iPhone. The menu button looks like three horizontal lines.downoad content from Netflix

Tap on the “Available for Download” from the menu.

Now, navigate to the movie or TV Show you want to download. You can also use the search feature to look for your favorite content. Then tap on the cover of the movie or show to see details.tap on download button next to the tv show or movie on netflix

Tap on the “Download” button next to the movie or episode that you want to download which looks like an arrow facing downwards.

The tv show or movie that you have selected will be downloaded and go to the “My Download” section of your Netflix app. You can manage the downloaded content from there.

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