VK is one of the most popular social media platforms providing a feature-rich environment to the professionals to collaborate. Apart from wide its wide range of features, VK is also known for its bad media downloaders, different apps are there in the market that can not get access to the VK audio files as because of the social media security and the way it delivers the media files to the browsers.

But now, it is not a problem to grab audio files from VK, all you need is to follow a few simple and easy steps that help you to get the desired audio file from the VK.

Downloading Audio Files from

Among differently available downloaders, VKAudioSaver is the best-known application to download the audio files. Here is how you can easily grab the audio files from

  • First of all, you need to download VKAudioSaver application.
  • VKAudioSaver is a free and lightweight working application to grab the audio files.
  • Install and run VKAudioSaver, you will find 3 tabs i.e. Search, Playlists and Downloads.
  • All you need is to authorize your VK account as the application wants to communicate to VK through your account. (Options > Authorization > VK.COM)Authorize VK.COM in VkAudioSaver
  • Now the application is ready to download audio files from VK
  • Find the URL of the page where the audio files are present, copy and paste it into the search bar at the top and hit Enter key.VkAudioSaver Search
  • A list of all the available audio files with appears in the Search tab.
  • Against each of the file, a green download button is present that will automatically start downloading that specific audio file.Download Audio from Vk
  • You can download multiple files at the same time and view the progress of the downloads in the Downloads tab.VK Downloads
  • In case you want to download multiple audio files, then you first need to create playlists from the + option against each file.VkAudioSaver Add to Playlist
  • Browse to the Playlists tab, right click on the playlist and select Download All option.VK Download All Audios

That’s all, VKAudioSaver let you download the audio files from all the pages and users without any trouble.

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