GIF images are the small silent videos with multiple frames in them. You can easily create gif images with different applications available. Editing them is also not possible with Windows Paint you need a specific application that can edit the frames of Animated GIF images. Photoshop is a reliable program to edit the GIF images but it is very difficult for inexperienced users to edit the images using Photoshop.

Coming toward the simple solution, ScreenToGif makes it possible for the non-technical users to edit the GIF images and work on individual frames. This powerful application can not only edit the GIF images but also provides the possibility to record the GIF frames.

Editing GIF images with ScreenToGIF

All you need is to load the GIF image. The application will show all the frames of the GIF image. You will be able to select the frames in the image and delete them as well as change the position of the frames as you need.

Edit GIF images in ScreenToGif

In case you need to resize the GIF image, Go to the Image tab and click Resize. Add custom dimensions and resize the GIF. With ScreenToGIF, it is also possible to add text, watermark or other details. Moreover, you can also change the direction of the animation as well as slow down or speed up the animation with just a few clicks.

Editing Frames of Animated GIF image in ScreenToGif

Learn How to Extract Frames from a GIF image.

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