There are different GIF images that need to be modified, When using iPhone, it is also possible to edit the GIF images. The iPhone allows the users to convert the live photos on iOS into GIF images. There are unlimited GIF image apps. There are few applications that allows the users to edit the GIF images.

The Giphy is a powerful application to use the GIF animations on an iPhone. In case you want to edit the GIF images, Giphy also helps the users to quickly edit the Animation frames.

Editing the GIF Images

You can easily edit the GIF images without leaving the messaging app. Giphy provides a reliable solution for editing the GIF images. Editing a GIF is an easy task when you have the appropriate app. All you need is to install the GIPHY from the App Store. GIPHY allows you to edit the images that are saved in the phone.

Tap the plus button at the bottom of the page to access GIF images from the camera.

Open GIF images in GIPHY Access your photos and select the GIF image to edit.

Edit GIF Images in iPhone

The GIPHY automatically open the built-in editor. The editor helps the users to trim the GIF image and add text to it.

Edit the GIF frames in GIPHY

After you are done editing the GIF images, tap the check button at the top right button to save the photo.

Save GIF Images from GIPHY

After Editing the GIF you can upload it to the GIPHY and share the GIF option on the share screen. Now tap on the Save GIF option to save the GIF.

Share or Save the GIF Images in GIPHY

GIPHY does not allow to edit the GIF images directly, you always need to save them to your phone before editing.

With this app, you can trim the GIF images as well as adding text to them, change the direction of the GIF playback.


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