How to Enable 802.11n Mode on Windows 10

What is the 802.11n mode?

802.11n is a standard for wireless LAN (WLAN) communications.  There are several specifications in 802.11 versions, which include 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, etc. 802.11n is the latest version of it. If your wireless router or USB Wi-Fi adapter supports 802.11n, it is able to work in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands and increase the network transmission speeds.

802.11n utilizations various remote receiving wires couple to transmit and get information. The related term MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) alludes to the capacity of 802.11n and comparable advancements to facilitate numerous synchronous radio sign. 802.11n backings up to four synchronous streams. MIMO increments both the range and throughput of a remote system.

In the event that you locate the 802.11n mode debilitated for reasons unknown, here are the means you can pursue to audit the suggested settings for 802.11n availability and empower it, if necessary.


  • Right-click the Wi-Fi icon on the right bottom of the window’s taskbar, choose “Open Network and Sharing Center” option
    Open Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10
  • Next, click ‘Change Adapter Settings’ link.
    Network and Sharing Center in Windows
  • Then, right-click the Wi-Fi adapter and select the ‘Properties’ button.
    Wireless network settings in Windows 10
  • From the ‘Properties’ page that shows up on your screen, select ‘Configure’ option.
    Wi-Fi Properties in Windows 10
  • Select to ‘Advanced Tab’ and search for the 802.11n Mode under the Property, select it and change its Value to “Enabled“
    Enable 802.11n Mode in Windows 10
  • When it’s done, click the ‘OK” button to apply the final changes
  • As the last step, establish a re-connection with the Wi-Fi router.

If for some reason, the 802.11n version doesn’t show there, update your driver and firmware. You may also like to know


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