How to enable Dark Mode for Twitter

How to enable Dark Mode for Twitter

Since you all know, social media sites like Instagram and twitter have started bringing out Dark Mode for the users. Apple introduced Dark Mode for the iOS 13 users and Microsoft provided this option for windows 10 users. Dark Mode seems to be the new cool and users love it like anything. It saves the users from having a bright screen at night that pierce the eyes.

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In this guide, you will learn how to enable dark mode for twitter. I will forget not to mention that before any other social media site, Dark mode was introduced by Twitter. It has been there for a long and it is quite easy to do it.

Get Dark Mode for Twitter Desktop

Twitter provides users the option to select the color scheme setting which tells that a darker version of the site is available. You can change the modes on twitter manually too. To do it follow the guide:

  1. Open Twitter on your desktop and go to settings and privacy menu
  2. Click on Display under the General headingdisplay settings
  3. Choose from the three available options i.e. Default, Dim, and Lights outlights out mode

Pick a highlight color of your choice from the available options.

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Get Dark Mode for Twitter on iOS or Android

We get two modes for Twitter on iOS or Android, one is with the Navy blue background which is known as Dim and the other one with Black Background known as Lights out. To enable one of them to follow the guide mentioned below:

  1. Open the Twitter App on your iPhone or Android and slide out the menu with the Settings and Privacy option.
  2. Tap on Display and sound from the Settings and Privacy menu.Twitter lights out mode
  3. Choose from the available options to enable lights out or dim mode for Twitter App.

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