DirectPlay is an API that DirectX uses to run games. Although modern games do not need it anymore by stiff if you want to use DirectPlay for different games, you can use enable it. For playing old games, you can use the DirectPlay on Windows 10 just by enabling it.

Enabling DirectPlay

To enable DirectPlay, you need to already have DirectX. Once you are done installing DirectX, you can proceed to install DirectPlay. In the Programs from the Control Panel, open Turn Windows features on or off option. Alternatively, you can also use File Explorer and enter the Address

Control Panel\Programs

To open the file explorer. And then find the Turn Windows Features on or off. It will display a new window with different Windows features. You can easily turn them on or off from here. Find the Legacy Components and expand it. The DirectPlay will be listed under Legacy Components. Check the checkbox and click Ok. it will enable the DirectPlay in Windows 10.


It might take some time to install within one or two prompts. Once the installation is complete, you need to restart the system so the changes can take effect.

Playing Games that need DirectPlay

The games that need DirectPlay will be played as soon as the DirectPlay activates. Most of the old games require DirectPlay as they require older architecture and old operating systems. You might need to install an emulator or a virtual machine. That’s all, the DirectPlay is enabled, now you can run any kind of old games.

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