Windows 10 is known as the best operating system in terms of security and privacy. There are different options in Windows 10 that allows the users to secure the system with password, PIN or face recognition. A new type of lock is also there that helps the users to keep the PC more secure. This powerful feature makes it possible for the users to automatically lock the computer as soon as they go away from the system.

You might be thinking that is that possible? Yes, Windows 10 creators updates include a dynamic lock which automatically locks the computer if you forget to lock it and go away from the computer. This is possible by connecting the computer with the phone’s Bluetooth device and as soon as the device is disconnected from the computer, Windows 10 automatically locks itself.

Enabling Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

It is very easy to enable the dynamic lock on Windows 10. All you need is to connect your mobile Bluetooth to the PC.

To pair the Bluetooth, open the settings and go to Devices settings and add a device from the Bluetooth section.

After pairing the phone with the computer, open the Settings and from the Account settings, choose Sign in Options. Change the sign in method from password or pin to Dynamic lock. Now Enable the “Allow Windows to detect when you are away and automatically lock the device” option.

Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Now when the dynamic lock is enabled, Windows will automatically detect the paired device and as soon as the device is away from the system it locks it after 30 seconds.

There are also different other applications like GateKeeper that automatically locks the system if you go away from the computer and signs back in automatically when you are near to your computer.

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