Google Maps is a widely used application for the drivers but when you need to play the music while using the Google Maps you need to frequently switch the applications when you need to change the song or any other music player operations. The best possible way is to add music playback controls to the Google Maps application which makes it very convenient for the users to switch songs while using Google Maps.

Getting Music Playback Controls in Google Maps

It is very easy to add music playback controls to Google Maps while using Google Maps directions guide. By default, these controls are not enabled in Google Maps. Before continuing to the method, you need to first make sure that your Google Maps app is up to date.

Open the Google Maps app and tap the options menu to open the navigation drawer. A settings icon will be there at the top of the navigation drawer in the case of iOS and Settings in the case of Android.

Google Maps Settings

While using iOS click on the setting icon and from the settings screen choose the Navigation option. Now find the Music Controls option and tap the service you want to use.

Enable Music Playback Controls in iOS

While using Android, you need to first enable the Show media playback controls option and then choose the music app you want to show playback controls for. Now the music will pause when the Google Maps assistant needs to announce any turn about or any other guide. But start playing the music as soon as the announcement is complete.

It is a very helpful method when the device is connected to the car’s Bluetooth or Aux. It reduces the distraction and helps you in focussing on driving.

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