Often you need to perform multiple tasks such as doing your work and watching the videos. The picture in Picture (PIP) is a reliable solution when you need to continue working while with watching a video. PIP makes it possible to pop up a video out of the Safari windows on any side of the screen. PIP allows the users to drag and drop that small video screen on any corner of the screen.

Enabling Picture in Picture While Using macOS

This solution works with any streaming video in a browser. It is very easy to enable the videos in PIP mode all it requires is to right click on the video player. The video players right-click menu displays different options such as copying the link or loop.

Enter Picture in Picture While Using macOS Sierra

All you need is to separate the video outside the video player. Its better to open the video in a new tab and copy the address from the Address Bar. Enter the full-screen video mode and again open the right-click menu from the video and select “Enter Picture in Picture” to watch the video while working.

Safari Picture in Picture

Now you will get a pop-up window with the video that will be draggable and you can change the placement through drag and drop or keyboard shortcuts. You can easily resize the window from the resizable corners.

Sierra Picture in Picture

In macOS Sierra, the video converts to PIP where you left it so that you don’t need to go to a specific video time in the PIP mode.

PIP macOS Sierra

The Safari Picture in Picture works for all the websites using HTML5 Player. This feature is only for macOS sierra users and only works with Safari Browser in macOS.


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