How To Enable Split Screen/Multi Window Mode On iPhone X, XS, XR

iPhones normally didn’t have a Split Screen or Multi-window feature before while most of the Android phones have it. Apple launched this feature in iPhone X and succeeding. In Multi Window Mode you can use two Apps side by side which is really cool for multi-taskers. It is a really convenient feature for users. You can watch a movie on one side while having another App running on the other side.

iPhone X Multi Window Mode

Previously users have been using a third party App to make this happen. You can still use a third party App to do it but here we are going to tell you how you can do it without having to download some other App.

To activate this “Split Screen Mode” on your iPhone, follow the steps enumerated below:

Enabling Split Screen Mode on iPhone X, Xs, Xr

This mode cannot be enabled in iPhones with iOS 11 or previous versions, the feature is only available for the users of iOS 12 and succeeding. Here we are going to show you how to enable this feature

  1. Go to the Settings in your iPhone
  2. Select Display & Brightness from the menu
    iPhone X Display & Brightness
  3. Tap on View option and select Zoomed given under Display Zoom
    Zoomed iPhone X, XS and XR
  4. Tap Set, your device will give a message “Changing Display Zoom will restart iPhone”, select Use Zoomed to get Split Screen Mode.

This feature saves the user the hustle of switching between Apps. Multi-taskers find this feature extremely convenient. They could check a mail on one side of the screen and can use social media on the other side. The feature is really useful for business purpose. You don’t have to make space for third-party App in your phone to have this mode on your iPhones now. iOS 12, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.3 really got some life-changing features for the users. We are expecting iOS 13 to be more amazing than iOS 12.

Hope this article helped you enabling the Multi Window Mode. For more technology related content, keep visiting our website.



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