Skype is now offering subtitles which is an innovative way to communicate and enhances the conversation. As sometimes when the you can’t hear the other person, it provides the possibility to get what the other person is saying. It offers a code editor that can be accessed during the calls and allows to add subtitles.

By default, Skype does not offer built-in subtitles feature. It is very easy to enable subtitles in Skype. You can easily turn on the subtitles. It can be enabled on per call basis so you need to turn on the feature for every call as soon as the call disconnects.

Enabling Subtitles for Skype Calls

To enable the subtitles, you need to follow few simple steps:

  • Open the Skype app and click on the more options button on top right of the left column
  • Choose Settings in the menu to access the settings, Open calling tab and select Call Subtitles.
  • Turn on the ‘Show subtitles for all voice and video calls’

Enable Skype Subtitles on Windows

This feature is also available for Skype on iOS and Android applications. You can also turn subtitles on for Skype on iOS and Android just by few taps.

Turning on Skype subtitles for iOS and Android

All you need is to open the Skype app and tap on the profile picture thumbnail. Tap the plus button to at the top of the screen. Now tap the Turn the Subtitles button on to enable subtitles for the call. As soon as you end the call, the subtitles will automatically turn off.

Enable Skype Subtitles on Android

This option is available for different languages but not all the languages


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