Google Chrome also provides the ability to display tabs preview very similar to Microsoft Edge. It is a small trick that helps the users to enable get the tab preview. The tab preview allows the users to preview the content of that specific tab. This can be done by enabling a Chrome Flag.

Enabling Tab Preview in Google Chrome

To enable Tab Preview in Google Chrome, you need to open the flags from the address bar using:


From the flags page, search for Hover. It will return Tab Hover Cards flag. From the dropdown menu, Enable the Flag. Now relaunch the Chrome so the changes can take effect.

Enable Chrome Flag for Tab Hover Preview

Working of Tab Previews in Chrome

The tab preview feature makes it possible for the users to navigate through the tabs and find out which web page is open in a specific tab. It is a very useful feature that helps users who work on multiple tabs opened. As soon as the users hover on any tab, it will provide a preview of the website in that specific tab. The preview also shows the favicon, name and other details of the website in a specific tab.

It is an experimental feature which might not work exactly the same as Edge but it may help when you have a lot of tabs opened in Chrome.

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