How to Enter Zero before a Number in Google Sheets

Google Sheets

By default when you enter a number with zeros before it, Google Sheets remove them. This could be problematic when entering phone numbers, ZIP Codes, or IDs. In order to change the setting of how you enter the numbers in Google Sheets, follow the guide.

Here you will learn how to keep zeros before a number in Google Sheets.

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Using Apostrophe to keep Leading Zero

Applying Apostrophe (‘) before typing the number with leading zero, will let the Google Sheet keep the zero before the number. It tells the Sheets to ignore the programming that eliminates the typed zero before a number.apostrophe before a number

Press the Enter key, and the number will be displayed without the apostrophe.using apostrophe before a number in formula bar

You can also type the number in the formula bar with an apostrophe without having to worry about it breaking the calculation because of the extra character. The other way to keep a leading zero is mentioned below.

Using Plain Text Formatting

In case you don’t want to use the apostrophe method to keep a leading zero, here’s another way to keep it. You can format the cells before typing the numbers. By applying plain text format, one can save time and don’t have to worry about the elimination of zeros before the number.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to apply plain text formatting on the selected cells.

  1. Select the number of cells that you want to apply plain formatting the cells that you to apply plain text on
  2. Then click on “Format” given in the Menu bar and select “Number” from the drop-down on format and select number and then plain text
  3. From the “Number” extended menu, select “Plain Text” from the list.

Now anything that you will type in these cells will be displayed as you typed. No formatting will be applied to these numbers or text.

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