GIF is a set of image frames sequence that continuously changes after one another and gives them a look of silent clips. The GIF images are usually in low quality, high-quality GIF images have more frames than the lower quality GIFs. There are different applications in the market that can extract the frames separately and allows you to save them as PNG or JPEG.

One of such applications is IrfanView. It is a free and fast application that provides efficient extraction of frames from a GIF.

Extracting Frames from a GIF

With IrfanView, it is very simple and easy to extract the frames from GIFs. All you need is to get IrfanView and open the Gif in the application.

  • Open options and select Extract all frames options.Extract all the frames from a GIF
  • A small options window will appear asking for the range of frames to extract.Set the range of frames to extract from a GIF
  • Choose the format to save the frames.
  • Click the start button and the frames will be extracted in the selected location.

The time while extracting the frames depends on the quality of the GIF. The extraction of frames does not affect the actual GIF. These images are easily readable by Photoshop and GIMP.



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