How to factory reset an iPhone device

Welcome to another guide by Askcaty. We’ll check out how to factory reset an iPhone or iPad device. As we all know that factory reset means removing every single thing from the device including installed apps, photos, music, notes, and almost complete data deletion. Some people just sell their iPhones to others or handover their phone to their relatives without doing a factory reset. No factory reset can cause some serious damage in case of some attempts by security hackers or unauthorized people.

Backup is recommended

Now for performing a factory reset for an iPhone, first you have to do is to make sure that you got the backup of your device. Backing up data is much important because factory resetting will clean all data forever without any backup support. Well, there are several ways of backing up your precious data before doing a factory reset.

Benefit for doing a backup of your iPhone data is that you don’t lose your precious data and another advantage is that you can even use that backup for your new iPhone or iPad device. One way for doing a backup of your iPhone data is that if you have logged in your iCloud account on your iPhone then all you have to do is to go to settings, click on your name in the iCloud section, select the iCloud option then further scroll down to iCloud backup option and then select ‘Backup Now’

Another way of backing up your iPhone is that you install the iTunes application on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, Check for the device icon in the iTunes app, click on that device shape icon and then further choose any option of Automatic backup or Manual backup. This will start backing up your iPhone according to your selected choice. This backup further can be used to recover on your new iPhone device.

How to factory reset an iPhone device

Now, this is the time to factory reset your iPhone or iPad device. The way for resetting iPhone and iPad both is same as both are the products of Apple.

Steps for the process of factory resetting of an iPhone device.

Step 1

Click on the settings app, further tap General option and then select the Reset option at the end.

Step 2

As everyone uses Passcode, Face ID or Touch ID to keep their phone protected. It will ask you to enter a passcode or use another way to go further, then press the ‘Erase all content and settings’

Step 3

Next, you’ll need to log in your Apple ID to make sure that this ID to be removed from this iPhone as well and this will also disable the feature of ‘Find my iPhone’.

Factory Reset an iPhone device

Step 4

Once you perform all of the steps discussed above, the iPhone will take a few minutes in resetting and then it will take you to the new Welcome screen as a totally new setting up iPhone interface.

Well, you have successfully managed to factory reset your iPhone device. Thanks

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