IP address is a number or address which is the online identity of the system. It is often needed for different purposes. You can easily find out the IP address on Linux system through the network connections in the terminal interface using ip addr show command.

Ip addr show

This command displays the complete network information such as devices on the terminal along with the IP addresses. In case you need to find the specific IP address, you need to filter out the IP address.

Filtering IP address on Linux

To correctly locating the internal IP address of the system, you need to run the filter command. As it may take a lot of time when filtering out manually. You should first know that the internal IP address of the system starts from 192 and ends in 10.1 or 1.1 depending upon the type of the router. Take 192  and combine it with the grep to filter out just the IP address.

ip addr show | grep "inet 192"

Find Local IP Address on Linux

In case you need the IP address for the future use or to save it to a file you can use:

ip addr show | grep "inet 192" > ~/internal-ip-info.txt

It will save the IP address to internal IP to internal-ip-infor.txt file in the home folder.

Finding IP address on KDE Desktop

KDE Plasma has a very easy method to locate the IP address information, to find the IP address on KDE Plasma, locate the network icon find active connections from the active connection. Choose the active connection with mouse and the KDE will provide advanced settings options, click on the Details tab to explore the IP address.

Finding Local IP Address on KDE

Finding IP address on Gnome Desktop

When in a network environment using Gnome Desktop, you can easily access the IP address from the Shell Networking of Gnome. Find the Ethernet or Wi-Fi symbol on the top of the screen and choose wired settings or Wi-Fi settings to open the network settings.

It will take you to the main network settings. Choose the connection mode i.e. Wired or Wi-Fi. Click on the gear icon, it will display the settings summary where you will find the local IPv4 and IPv6 address.

Finding Local IP Address of GNOME

Finding IP address on GTK + Desktop

Finding local IP address of the GTK systems is very simple, locate the network connection icon on the desktop and look for Connection Information in the menu. The connection information will provide complete details about the IP address, Mac Address, and other connection details.

Finding Local IP Address on GTK


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