If you mostly use Wi-Fi Network to connect to the internet and you are in a huge network where there are multiple Wi-Fi modems then to avoid any disconnection and get the best internet speed you need to know which Wi-Fi network has best signal strength. While using Windows 10, you can easily find out which Wi-Fi connection has the best speed.

Finding the Available Wi-Fi Connections

If you want to know the available Wi-Fi networks you need to click on the Wi-Fi signal icon in the system tray. It will show up all the available networks nearby. The Wi-Fi signal next to each Wi-Fi adapter shows its strength. The more signals it displays the more strength it has. It is not the accurate information as to when it shows one signal, it will not show whether that signal has the ability to work with or not. To be more precise, you need to know which connection is more appropriate to connect.

Finding Precise Information about the Wi-Fi Signal Strength

To find out accurate values for the signal strength, you need to download the Nirsoft WiFiInfoView app, it is a free tool that provides precise values of the signal strength.

To make things simple and easy, you need to check which value is higher. The higher the value is, the more strength a Wi-Fi network has. So, you need to connect to a network that has more signal values. The average signal strength is also considerable. This to check which network can constantly deliver the best signal strength.

WiFiInfoView Signal Strength

You need to check for the app for a while so to check the network that can constantly deliver good signal strength.

This information can also be obtained without connecting to a network and it does not matter whether the Wi-Fi network is password protected or not.

Finding the Signal Information from the Command Prompt

While using the command prompt, you can also find the Wi-Fi information with the command:

netsh wlan show interfaces

CMD WiFi Signal Strength

The output will also provide the Signal Strength, a Signal entry will tell you how stronger the signal is. If the signal strength is 80% accurate than the app shows i.e. WiFiInfoView shows.

Finding the Signal Strength from the PowerShell

PowerShell also provides support for finding information about the Wi-Fi signals strength. In case you don’t prefer using the command prompt, you can open PowerShell and use the command:

(netsh wlan show interfaces) -Match '^\s+Signal' -Replace '^\s+Signal\s+:\s+',''

It will return the signal strength as a percentage and it provides accurate information for the time being, as the value may fluctuate if you move your device so it is not that much accurate as WiFiInfoView results are.

PowerShell Wi-Fi Signal Strength

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