You often need to tell your Wi-Fi password to anyone that is a very hectic task when you have the default password and you don’t remember it. Windows provides an easy way to get the password of the wireless connection from the settings.

It is very to reveal the Wi-Fi password on Windows 10, you just need to follow few simple steps to get the passkey.

Find Password in Wireless Properties

All you need is to open the Network Connections which can be either accessed from the Network Status in the control panel (Search it from the Start Menu) or open ‘Network and Internet Settings’ from the context menu of the network icon in the Task Bar.

  1. Click on ‘Change adapter settings’ button under Change your network settings.
  2. Open the context menu of the Wi-Fi Adapter name that is currently connected.
  3. Choose Status from the context menu that will open a new dialog box.View the Wi-Fi Status
  4. Now click on the Wireless Properties button to open Wireless Properties of the Wi-Fi connection.Wireless Properties
  5. Click on the Security tab. The hidden Network security key is the Wi-Fi connection password.Show hidden Wireless network password
  6. The show characters checkbox reveals the network security key.

Viewing the Wi-Fi Password using Command Line

It is also possible to view the passwords using the command prompt, which is the easiest way to reveal Wi-Fi password.

  1. Open command prompt with administrator privileges
  2. Type and run the command
    netsh wlan show profile
  3. It will list each and every Wi-Fi Profile ever connected to the PC.
  4. To find out the password for specific network run the command
    netsh wlan show profile “NETWORK NAME” key=clear
  5. Replace the NETWORK NAME with the Wi-Fi network name you are looking up for.
  6. The Wi-Fi password is the ‘key content’ under security settings.


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