Most of the times when any device is not working properly such as Wi-Fi or audio not working, the best possible solution is to restart the drivers. Restating the operating system also does not fix these issues. There are few simple steps to restart the driver software of any device which does not require any system restart.

Running the Troubleshooter

Right click on the device icon and click on the troubleshoot problems option. For general purpose troubleshooting in Windows 10, you can find out the “Troubleshoot” area in “System Settings” This will automatically detect all the problems and issues in the device. The troubleshooter can fix almost any driver issue in the device.

Troubleshoot Driver Problem

Most of the times, the troubleshooter automatically fix the driver issues and make the devices to run perfectly. In case the troubleshooter can not identify the problem then the best solution is to uninstall and install the driver.

Restarting the Drivers using the Driver Manager

There are a few simple steps to restart any device driver:

  • Open the Device Manager device
  • Find the device creating an issue
  • Identify the drivers from the list
  • Choose the Disable Device option by right-clicking on the device
  • Now again Enable the device and by right-clicking on the disabled device
  • If you are connected to the internet it is also possible to update the latest drivers

How to fix basic device driver issues

Enabling back the drivers and updating the drivers mostly figure out the driver issues of any device.

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