Online media players do not always trouble you; you might get into a media player that is running ads. Sometimes the media players that are loaded with the ads might give an error. If you see the resource not found an error then you need to investigate the problem by the few given fixes.

Check the Stream Link

If the video player is playing back a live stream, then you need to check if the stream is working or not. The live streams tend to go down as they are downloading the media from any online server. It also happens when the internet is disconnected. There are also chances that there is a problem with the stream.

To check if the stream is working, you need to access the web console on the page with the player. Check if the VLC Media Player is able to play the stream. If the VLC Player fails to play then there are chances with the stream itself.

In case the stream with working, there might be a problem with the player that the website is using. In case the player on the website is not playing the file then you can use the VLC player.

Disabling Ad Blockers

Many of the online streaming players contain ads and if the ads fail to load then it may cause the problem. In case the ads fail to load due to AdBlock then the media player might be unable to load the stream. Disabling the Adblocker and refreshing the webpage can fix the issue

Disabling the VPN and Proxy

A Proxy or VPN server may also interfere with the media content. If the stream is working fine then the VPN is the reason that causes the problem. So, there is a need to disable the VPN and refresh the page before continuing to the video.

Updating the Web browser

If you are running an outdated web browser then the media player is might be blocked due to security reasons. You need to check whether there is an update for the media browser, if so, then update it and restart the web browser to play the media.

Update Google Chrome

Disabling and Extension or Add-on

In case you have a highlighted ad-blocker or any other extension that can block the playback as malicious content then you need to give a look at the extensions that may interfere in the media playback.

Clearing the Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache and cookies fix most of the web browser issues so you need to clear the web browser cache and other sites data to get a smoother internet browsing and media playback.

Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies

Updating Adobe Flash Player

The outdated Adobe Flash Player may also cause playback issues as the latest version includes various fixes and enhancements. Many media players need the latest Adobe Flash Player for media playback.

Update Adobe Flash Player

In case the problem is still there, you need to try a different browser to stream online media.


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