How to Fix Internet Connectivity Problem in iPhone

In this guide, we will show you how you can fix the internet connectivity issue in your iPhone


Sometimes it’s not your apple device that has the connectivity problem but the router. Therefore, before we troubleshoot the problem on the device, we can look for problems in the router.

Turn off your router and make sure to turn it back on after 10 seconds so that all the bits are drained fully. Restart the router and try connecting your Apple device with the internet.


Updating the router’s firmware has resolved internet connectivity problems for some users. By updating, known bugs can be fixed.


Force restarting the device might help with the Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

Different apple devices have different force restarting methods, do as it works for your device.

To force restart iPhone 6, 6s, 6s+

force restarting iphone 6

To force restart iPhone 8, 8s, X, Xs

force restarting iphone x


Sometimes, your apple device gives you an error message “Incorrect password” when trying to join a network though the correct password is entered. This could be fixed by forgetting the Wi-Fi network password and joining the network again.

Here’s the guide to forget Wi-Fi connection and rejoin it.Forgetting a wifi network

Go to settings > Wi-Fi, turn on Wi-Fi, tap on the network connection then tap on forget this network. In this way, you can forget the Wi-Fi network. Now to connect to the network tap on the network connection name again, enter the password and you’re good to go.

RESETTING NETWORK SETTINGreset network settings

Resetting the network setting could be helpful in fixing network issues. To reset network settings go to settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings.


By disabling Wi-Fi networking service, many users got their internet problems fixed. For this go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services


To set custom Domain Name Server on your apple device, follow the following steps;

Go to your iPhone/iPad Settings > Wi-Fi > Find your Wi-Fi connection on the device, tap on the i button on the right of the network, scroll down to see the DNS section and tap on the number to the right, enter the new DNS address.setting custom DNS

If your ISPs DNS server is having an issue, this would help fix it.


If the above-mentioned fixes don’t work out for your device, you can always try this other fix, it might not be of much use but it can be helpful for your device. You can do this by going to Settings > Wi-Fiask to join network


There’s a feature of Wi-Fi assist in iOS which enables you to have a reliable Internet connection by making your internet spotty. Users have reported that turning the Wi-Fi assist off and turning it back on has resolved their Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

To turn Wi-Fi assist off to go to Settings > launch the setting app > Navigate to settings (cellular) and scroll down to see the Wi-Fi assist. Tap on the toggle to turn it off. wifi assist


If all of the above methods to fix the internet connectivity issue failed to get it right for your device, try restoring/resetting your iPhone/iPad. Before you reset your device, make sure that the data has been backed up via iTunes/iCloud so that you don’t lose your important data.reset the iphone

restting iphone

resetting an iphone

To reset your device, go to Settings > general > Scroll down the menu to see Reset option > Reset all settings. After resetting your device, set up your device and connect to the Wi-Fi.

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