A mouse is a periphiral device and sometimes a lagging mouse problem is not because the Windows itself stuck but it can also because of a faulty mouse. It is very annoying when you are playing a game or working on any application and the mouse stuck. If you are facing the mouse lag then you need to follow a few simple steps to figure out the problem.

Basic Mouse Diagnosis

First of all, you need to restart the system by shutting down and then start again, check if the problem is gone. If still, the problem is there, you need to connect the mouse to any other computer and check whether the mouse is perfectly fine or not. If the mouse works perfectly fine on the other computer then there is a problem with the game you are playing or the application i.e. you need to upgrade your system or try to free up some resources.

If you find the same issue on the other computer with the same mouse then there is a problem with the mouse. Try changing the mouse, the batteries or clean it. No matter if it is a ball mouse or a laser mouse.

Installing New Batteries

In case you are using a wireless mouse, then the batteries might recharge or you need to replace them. If the battery health is not good, the mouse may lag.

Cleaning the Mouse

In case you have a wired mouse or a wireless one, then you need to clean its feet and remove the dirt from the laser. Also, try changing the surface you are using it on to make the mouse movement even smoother.

Checking the USB Port and Dongle

If the mouse dongle or the USB port is loose, then the mouse also frequently disconnects which might cause the mouse to lag or stop working. You need to try changing the port or the USB dongle if the problem is with the dongle or USB.

Checking the Mouse Drivers

Sometimes when the latest mouse drivers are not there, the mouse may lag or delivers low performance. Try rolling back the drivers or update to the latest drivers. Synaptic drivers work best in most of the cases.

Increasing the Pointer Speed

All it requires is to open the settings app and choose the mouse tab. Click on Additional mouse settings and go the pointer options tab. Increase the pointer speed and check if the problem goes away.

Mouse Pointer Speed

Using Windows Safe Mode

In case something is interfering with the mouse settings, you probably need to boot the Windows in safe mode. Disable the unnecessary apps one by one and check if the problem goes away or not. Find out the app that is creating trouble and fix it to have trouble free mouse.

Bluetooth Mouse

If you are using a Bluetooth mouse; you need to check for the latest Bluetooth drivers and check if the problem goes away.

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