The battery of the MacBook has a 1000 charge cycles that sometimes complete after few years as you often don’t fully discharge and charge the battery every time. So according to the settings as soon as the charge cycles complete, Mac start showing Service Batter Warning which is an annoying situation. As it does not always mean that your battery is no more to work.

Battery Status Warning

In some cases, the battery needs replacement when it can no more store charging otherwise your battery is good enough to run your MacBook.

Fixing Service Battery Warning

First of all, you need to check the battery icon in the Menu Bar and check the warnings, if the replacement battery warning is there and the charge won’t last long then you must replace the battery in order to get it back to the normal state.

If you see a generic Service Batter warning there are few simple steps that can fix it.

  1. Charge your battery to 100% and use the computer while charging for a few hours.
  2. Now remove the charger and don’t reconnect the charger until the battery is completely drained.
  3. Once the battery is completely zero and the MacBook turns off, connect the charger and charge it to 100% again.
  4. Check if the batter message disappears or not.

System Management Controller

Another reason for this message is from System Management Controller. You need to check the System Management Controller that manages the battery power. If there is something that is not normal, it will start displaying the Service Batter message. In case there is something wrong with the System Management Controller, you can reset it.

Service Battery Warning

For this, you need to remove the battery. So, make sure that you save all your work before removing the battery. Now after removing the battery, press the power button for 5 seconds and insert the battery again.

If the Service Battery message is still there, you need to visit the service center for finding out any hardware issues.


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