The new Macbooks comes with a keyboard bug, which is a hardware bug and not an OS problem. This bug registers multiple keys when you press a single key which is very annoying when you are typing. This problem comes in many other the Macbooks. To figure it out, there is a few simple steps you can follow.

A new app is there in the market known as Unshaky and the good thing about this app is that it is free. Before you want to use this application, you need to know about a few things that are this is not an Apple-approved application, the results differ in different cases, It is not guaranteed that the app always works, and many others.

Fixing Macbook Keypress Bug

All you need is to download Unshaky app and run it, the app requires special accessibility permissions to run it. After opening the app, click on the context menu bar and choose the configurations from the menu.

Unshaky Security and Privacy

A new screen will appear with a list of keys on the Keyboard and a field next to the key provides time in milliseconds and in the field, you can enter a number that determines the time a key should be pressed to register. If you face the bug you need to know that you process the key once, it might be registered several times. So, the delay helps the mac to recognize how many times a key is pressed. In case you need to press a key twice, then you need to take care of the delay.

Unshaky Configure Delay Time Period

You can play around and check what suits your Macbook. If the Unshaky app works for you then you need to change the settings according to the needs at start.

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