The Device Manager often shows an unknown device as when you connect a new device you also need to install the driver components of the device as well. In case the driver software is outdated or somehow damaged which makes the hardware device not recognizable by Windows.

Many of the device drivers already come with Windows. To figure it out, you need to find out the correct drivers for the device. Device Manager provides the best solutions for figuring out any hardware issues when a device is not working.

Fixing the Unknown Device Warning in the Device Manager

It is very easy to fix a device which is not working, all you need is to open the device manager from the Control Panel or by the context menu of This PC file explorer. Basic issues are resolved by just disconnecting and reconnecting the device whenever it is connected through the USB port. In case you already have the device drivers then you must to install them.

If the problem still remains the same, you need to troubleshoot the problems just by updating the drivers. All you need is to right-click on the Unknown Device and click on the Update driver from the context menu options.

Unknwon Devices in Windows 10

Choose the search automatically option that will automatically find the exact drivers for the device.

Update Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows 10

There are many applications such as Driver Pack Solution DRP and various others that find the correct driver software for the devices. If it is a hardware problem, then you may need to change the device rather than updating the drivers.


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