You often need to stop unresponsive applications in Windows or macOS. There are different applications that become unresponsive when there are no more resources left. The best possible way to deal with this situation is to close the application. Rather than restarting the application, you can use the task manager to close the application. Apple provides a Force Quit option under the Apple menu in the menu bar, unlike Apple, Windows require a third-party application to force close any program.

Force Quit Program on Windows

Windows Task Manager sometimes does not quit the programs as there are some services running in the background that also needs to be closed which is a complex task. Instead of using Task Manager you can use any third party application that can force close programs.

The Ultimate Process Killer is a powerful and free application that helps the users to force quit any application. After installing and running the application, you can just choose the process you want to quit and click on “Kill Selected Processes” button to close the application by force.

Force Quit Unresponsive Applications on Windows 10

It is specially made for the power users and if you don’t know about the process, it is not recommended to kill any process. As there are some necessary processes that result in system shutdown or freeze when closed.

Force Quit Apps on macOS

When using macOS, it is very easy to force quit apps that become unresponsive. You can use the force quit menu and select the apps from the list to force stop them. The force quit menu can also be opened with hotkeys i.e. Command + Option + Escape.

A list will show up in a new window of force quit apps. Select multiple apps by selecting them from the mouse and keep pressing the Command key until you are done selecting. Click on the Force Quit button to stop the unresponsive apps.

Force Quit Unresponsive Apps on macOS

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