How to Freeze Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets allow users to enter and save a heavy amount of data in the spreadsheet. It sometimes becomes difficult for users to sort out a large amount of data. In order to keep the track of data in the Spreadsheet, there’s an easy way to lock it in the place. Freezing Rows or Column headers locks the data in the place which makes it easier for the user to read data.

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In this guide, you will learn how to freeze a column or row header in google spreadsheets.

Freezing Row or Column Header in Google Spreadsheets

You can freeze any row or column that you want in google spreadsheets. Learn how to do it by following the guide:

  1. Launch the browser and open Google Spreadsheet in which you want to freeze a row or a column
  2. Click on View from the menu bar and select Freeze from the top of the menu.Select Freeze from View option
  3. From the Freeze extended menu, select 1 row or 1 Column to freeze topmost column A or Row 1. Similarly, choose 2 rows or 2 columns to freeze the first 2 rows or columns.
  4. You can also freeze columns or rows up to your selected cell by selecting up-to row/column (number of row/column)thick grey outine to differ between the frozen and non frozen row or column

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In this way, you fix the row or column in its place and can move up and down the spreadsheet without disturbing the data. A thick grey border is placed between the frozen and non-frozen rows/columns to make the difference.

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How to un-freeze Rows or ColumnsUn-freeze the rows or columns

To unfreeze the rows or columns, select “No Rows” or “No Columns” from the Freeze extended menu. This will return the cells back to their normal layout.

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