How to Get Custom Mouse Pointer Color in Windows 10

Previously, Windows provided mouse pointer options like restyling and resizing but had a very limited color palette to choose the pointer color from. Now in Windows 10, 2019 update you can get a wide range of colors from where you can choose the color of your own choice for your desktop pointer.

In this article, we’ll help you to change pointer color from settings in Windows 10 latest update.

How to change pointer color using Settings

To change the pointer color follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Settings App on your Windows either by Searching from the Start menu or by clicking on the Settings icon given on the left side of the Start menu.
    Open Settings from Start Menu
  2. Click on Ease of Access from the Settings window.
    Ease of Access Windows Settings
  3. Click on Cursor and Pointer
    Cursor and Pointer Size Settings
  4. On the right panel of Cursor and Pointer you’ll find Change Pointer Color heading, under it you will see a button with the color wheel, click on it.
    Cursor and Pointer Settings
  5. Select the color from the given palette or pick a custom color of your own choice by clicking on Pick a custom pointer color
    Windows Pointer Color
  6. Once you’re done selecting the color for your mouse pointer, your desktop mouse pointer start using the color you picked for it.

In case you cannot seem to find the option in your Windows Setting, don’t be worried it is because your Windows have not been updated to the latest version. Update your Windows to the latest version and try following the steps mentioned above to change the mouse pointer color.

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