How to get iOS 13 Public Beta Versions on your iPhone/iPad

iOS 13 Public Beta

Apple has recently been working on the iOS 13, and meanwhile, the firm has released 8 betas and a Golden Master till September. As we all know the new iPhone 11 is yet to release and we’re expecting it to be released with the final version of iOS 13. iPhone 11 is going to be launched tomorrow on 10th September 2019. We will hopefully get the iOS 13 release date tomorrow.

iOS 13, Rumors about the Update and Release Date

If you are impatient about the final release and want to try iOS 13 features now, you can always download the Beta version on your device. It is very easy to have it on your phones, all you have to do is enroll our device for the Apple Beta Program and get the Beta versions for free.

In this guide, I will take you to step by step how you can safely install iOS 13 Beta version on your device.

Getting iOS 13 Beta Versions on your Device

In order to download and install iOS 13 Beta versions on your devices, follow the steps given below:

Backup your Device

Before you follow the procedure make sure your device data has been backed-up properly as beta versions are full of bugs and chances are you might lose data.


It is safe for you if you backup your device using iTunes or iCloud.

Register for Apple Public Beta ProgramiOS 13 Look and Feel

You would need to register your device for the Public Beta Program otherwise you won’t get a notification of the availability of the Public Beta Version of iOS 13.

To register for the Apple Public Beta Program follow the steps:

  1. Go to (Make sure you follow up this link with the device you want to get Public Beta Version on)
  2. Sign-in if you have already signed up, Sign-up if you have not already signed-up for the beta program.
  3. After signing-in, go to the iOS tab, click on “enroll your iOS Device” and select “Download Profile”

Install the Profile

Next step is to install the profile that you have just downloaded from Apple’s website.

  1. To install the profile head over to the Settings in your device.
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on your Profile
  4. Tap on iOS 13 Beta Profile and hit “Install”

After hitting on Install option, you will be asked for the confirmation. Allow your device to be restarted.

Download & Install the iOS 13 Beta Version on your DeviceiOS 13 Developer Beta 7

Once you’re done with installing the Profile, you’re good to install the iOS 13 Beta version on the device.

IOS 13 Beta 7 (Fixes & New Features) List

  1. Head over to Settings on your device.
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update
  4. In the software update, you will find the latest Beta version to be available for downloading and installation. Tap on Download and InstalliOS 13 Beta 4
  5. You will be asked a couple of times for the confirmation, get done with it. Your device will restart several times meanwhile the Installation process.

When the iOS 13 Beta Version will be completely installed, you can enjoy the new iOS 13 features on your iPhone/iPad even before it is out.


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