How to Hide App Icon from the Task-bar in Tablet Mode on Windows 10

tablet modeMicrosoft introduced tablet mode for Windows 10. In tablet mode, the desktop is unavailable and looks like an all-screen Start menu. You can enable this feature from Settings or through message center shortcut icons. Using tablet mode may seem a little tricky at first but once you start exploring it, it becomes really easy to use and you get to know that it works just like a tablet.enable talet mode

You may want to hide app icons given on the taskbar when using the tablet mode to make it look more like the tablet. In this guide, we will help you how you can hide icons from the taskbar in tablet mode on Windows 10.

Hide App Icons from Taskbar in Tablet ModeApp icons on taskbar in tablet mode

Here’s how you can hide active app or pinned icons from the taskbar when using Windows 10:

  1. Go to Settings in WindowsSettings
  2. Select System Settings from the SettingsSystem Settings
  3. From the left panel select Tablet Mode settingstablet mode settings
  4. Under the Tablet Mode heading from the right panel, find “Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode” optionHide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode
  5. Toggle on the “Hide app icons on the taskbar in the tablet mode” option.Toggle the option

You can also automatically hide the taskbar when in tablet mode by toggling on the “automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode” option.

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