How to Hide “Most Used” Section from Windows 10 Start Menu

How to Hide “Most Used” Section from Windows 10 Start MenuNormally when you open an application frequently, Windows 10 automatically starts displaying it in the “Most Used” section of the Start Menu. If you would like to simplify the start menu or make it less messy, you can easily hide this section from the Windows Settings.

In this guide, we will show you how you can do it.

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Hide “Most Used” Section from Start Menu Through Windows Settingsstart menu most used apps section

The “Most Used” section of the Start menu keeps the track of apps that you frequently use. In order to remove it from the Start Menu, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to “Windows Settings” either from the Start menu (Click on the gear icon to open it) or by using the Search tab on the taskbar and opening the app from search results. You can also press “Windows + I” from the keyboard to open Settings.Windows 10 settings gear icon

Click on “Personalization” in Settings.personalization in Windows Settings

Next, select the “Start” option on the left pane of the Personalization window.start option in Personalization in WIndows Settings

Toggle off the “Show most used apps” switch to turn it most used apps switch in WIndows Settings

Next time when you will open the Start menu, you will see that the “Most Used” section no longer resides there. Follow the instructions given below if you want to completely disable the most used app’s tracker on Windows 10 PC.

Go to Settings > General.

Next, toggle off the “Let Windows track app launches to improve Start and search results” slider.let windows track app launches to improve start and search results

If you want to make the Start menu simpler, revisit the “Start” section in “Settings” and turn off the switches according to your preferences.

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