How to Hide Photos in iOS 14 on iPhone or iPad

How to Hide Photos in iOS 14 on iPhone or iPadiOS 14 arrived with a lot of new features and a new Home Screen theme which received a lot of hype. There are some little but important changes too including the way to hide photos. Before the update, you were able to hide the photo but they were easily accessible within the photos app and can share with anyone through the “Hidden album”. It was like a separate album was allotted for hidden photos.

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With iOS 14, you can entirely hide “Hidden album” in Photos. In this guide, we will show you how to hide Photos in iOS 14 on iPhone or iPad.

How to Hide “Hidden” Album in Photos on iPhoneHidden Album will be hidden from the photos app on iOS 14

The procedure to hide the photos is similar to it was in iOS 13 or older ones. Here’s how you can hide photos in iOS 14:

First, open the Photos app and navigate to the picture you want to hide. You can select multiple pictures at a time the photos to hide in iOS 14

After selecting the photo or photos to hide, tap on the “Share” button in the lower-left corner.

Next, tap on the “Hide” option on the share list.tap on hide from share list to hide the photo

Confirm your action by tapping on “Hide Photo”.hide photo in iOS 14

The selected picture/pictures will be hidden but can be found in the “Hidden” album in the Photos app. To hide the “Hidden” album in iOS 14, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to “Settings” on your device by searching through the spotlight feature or manually finding the app on your iPhone and opening it.

Scroll down and tap on “Photos” settings.Go to Photos in Settings on iOS 14

In Photo’s settings scroll down to find the “Hidden Album” option. Toggle off the switch next to it to hide the album entirely from the Photo gallery.Toggle off hidden album option in Photos settings on iOS 14

Now the hidden album won’t show up in Photos Gallery. If you want to bring it back to your photos app, toggle on the “Hidden Album”.

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