How to Lock Apple Notes on Your iPhone

locking notesApple Notes is a built-in application to save data or photos. Due to privacy concerns, many iPhone users would like to lock some of their notes that consist of private data. In this guide, we will show you how to add data in a Locked Apple Notes.

Locking Notes on iPhone and iPad

Apple notes allow the user to lock a note individually using the Lock feature that is provided with-in the app. To lock notes in Apple’s iPhone or iPad, follow the guide:

  1. Open Notes app on your iPhone or iPad manually or by searching through the “Spotlight Search” option. Write the first two letters of the app name in the spotlight search bar and tap on the result to open the notes app.
  2. Now locate the note that you want to lock and swipe left on it.swipe the note to the left
  3. You will see three options when you will swipe left on the note that includes “Delete, New Folder and Lock”. Here tap on the “Lock” icon.tap on lock icon
  4. You will be asked to create a “New password” if you have not already used this feature. If you have already created a password for one of the notes then type the same password to lock the note.enter password to lock the note
  5. The respective note will be locked.locked note

A lock will appear on the left of the note’s name to indicate that the note has been locked. If you want to view the locked note, tap on it. The app will tell you that the note is view the locked note tap on view note

Tap on “View Note” and select the method to unlock it. Choose “Face ID’ if you have enabled Face ID or Touch ID. Otherwise, choose the “Enter Password” option and enter the password. The note will be the log-in option

To lock the note again, quit the app and relaunch it.


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