WhatsApp always contains your private chat messages and sometimes important photos or other data which you don’t want to reveal to anyone. The best way to secure WhatsApp is to Lock it. Previously all you can do is to lock the device as a whole but now you can also lock WhatsApp on iOS using Face ID or Touch ID.

All you need is to get the latest WhatsApp on your device and play around with some options to secure WhatsApp.

Locking WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID

After getting the latest WhatsApp version, you need to play around with a few settings. Open up WhatsApp Settings and In the Settings tab, tap on Privacy to open privacy settings.

Lock WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID

On the Privacy screen, tap the Screen Lock Option and Enable Face ID or Touch ID whichever is available.

Require Touch ID to Automatically Lock iOS Device After Specific Interval of Time

WhatsApp allows you to set it to lock automatically. You can set it to lock automatically after specific intervals of time i.e. after one hour, 15 minutes, one minute or the second you leave the app.

Now whenever you will access WhatsApp and the lock times-out, WhatsApp will automatically lock itself. So, the next time you want to access the app, you will need the Touch ID or Face ID.

Touch ID for WhatApp to Access Messages on iPhone

In case the two-step verification is also active and the Touch ID / Face ID is also configured then the two-step verification pops-up a very few times.

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