Windows 10 provides the best security features which ensure the security and protection of the data. The best thing in Windows 10 is that it automatically locks the screen if the system is idle for some time. You can choose the idle time interval after which the Windows get locked automatically. So that in case if you forget to lock the screen and leave the computer then Windows can automatically lock itself.

In case you have forgotten to lock the computer and you think that someone can access it then it is also possible to lock the computer remotely and get log out of Windows 10. It is very easy to change the password of the system and log out of Windows 10.

Before continuing to the password recovery process, your computer must have to Find my Device and location services Enabled on your system otherwise you will not be able to log out of the system.

Enabling Find my Device

To enable Find my Device, open the settings app and click on Update and Security group of settings. Now open the Location tab and enable Location Services.

Enabling Find my Device on Windows 10

Remotely Logging Out the Computer

Visit Microsoft Website, sign in with the account that is used as that specific computers account. Now locate the device, it might say that Locate my Device is turned off but if you know that it is on, you can continue to select the device.

Microsoft Devices in Microsoft Account

Locate your device and click on the Lock button at the top right of the map. It will prompt that all the users will be logged out. Continue to the next screen and enter a message that will display on the lock screen.

Logout Windows 10 Remotely

It displays that the system is locked but it actually logs out all the users.

Locking Device in Windows 10

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