How to make Vertical Slides in Google Slides

By default, Slides in Google Slides are set horizontally. Luckily, users can change their alignment according to their needs. Just by following some easy steps you can change the alignment of the slides to vertical. In this guide, you will learn how to make the slides vertical in Google Slides.

Making Slides Vertical in Google Slides

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the browser and open Google Slides.
  2. Open a new presentation in Google a new presentation
  3. In the new presentation, head over to the File menu and select Page Setup from the list of page setup from files
  4. A pop-up with the Page Setup heading will appear on the screen, from the drop-down list of options choose “Custom”select custom from the drop down menu
  5. Enter the measurements of your choice in the text box. In the first box type width of the slide, in the second box type the height. The last drop-down box is for other measurements like pixels, centimeters, and the dimensions of your own choice

By default, the horizontal measurement of the slide is 10 x 5.62 inches. You can swap the numbers to make a slide vertical. When you’re done entering the slide measurements, hit the enter key or click on “Apply”.vertical slides in Google Slides

Once you are done entering the dimensions, all the slides in the presentation will now be in a vertical position. Remember that you cannot have both vertical and horizontal slides in the same presentation.

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