How to Mark Emails as Read in Gmail

How to Mark Emails as Read in Gmail for iPhone and AndroidIf you have subscribed to different websites to stay up-to-date about their content, the possibility is that your email’s inbox is full of unread emails. Some of the emails residing in your inbox are not even worth opening. You can block getting emails from some senders but for some, you can’t.

Instead of opening every single email to mark as read, you can simply do the trick without having to open them. In this guide, we will show you how you can mark emails as read in Gmail on PC, and mobile.

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How to Mark Emails as Read in Gmail on PC

In Windows or Mac, you can mark all the emails as read or do it with emails individually. Here’s how you can do it:

First, go to Gmail’s official website on the browser and log in to your already existing Gmail account.

By default, you will see the “Primary” emails tab opened when you will log in. To mark a single email as read, click on the “Envelope” button.mark emails as read in gmail on web

The email will appear as read and your unread email count will decrease.

To mark multiple emails as read, select the emails by clicking on the “Checkmark” multiple emails to mark as read on gmail

Then click on the “Mark as read” button from the top toolbar. It will mark all the selected emails as read.mark as read emails in gmail on web

How to Mark Emails as Read in Gmail for iPhone and Android

It is incredibly easy to mark the emails as read on the iPhone or Android. Here’s how it’s done:

Open the Gmail app in your device and navigate to your Inbox.

Next, tap on the sender’s profile icon to select the message. You can select multiple emails at a multiple emails to mark as read on iphone

After selecting the emails to mark as read, tap on the “Envelop” icon in the top toolbar.envelope icon to mark as read emails on android

The emails will be marked as read.

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