How to Mute an Instagram User

How to Mute an Instagram UserThere could be any reason why you would want to stop seeing someone’s post or stories on Instagram, muting them is the only polite way to do it as it doesn’t notify them. If you will unfollow a friend, family member, or colleague, they may find it harsh and impolite. Fortunately, the Mute option exists on Instagram which is better than unfollowing a user.

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In this guide, we will show you how to mute someone on Instagram.

Muting Someone on Instagram

Follow the guide to learn how to do it:

  1. In your device, go to the Instagram app by using the search option on an android and spotlight search on the iPhone. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Log-in to your already existing Instagram account and navigate to the user profile whom you want to mute.
  3. On the user Instagram profile, you will find the “Following” button below the user’s info. Tap on it.go to the users profile to mute their posts and stories
  4. A menu will appear, tap on “Mute” from the list of options.mute option in following menu
  5. From the “Mute” extended menu, toggle the buttons next to the “Posts” and “Stories” to disable the options.mute instagram users posts and stories

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There exists another way to mute a user’s Instagram stories and posts:

  1. Tap and hold the profile icon of an Instagram user from the stories row at the top of the Instagram feed.tap and hold the instagram stories to mute them
  2. Now tap on the “Mute” button from the menu that appears. Only the story will be muted right away.muting someone on instagram
  3. Similarly, if you only want to hide someone’s posts from your feed. Tap on the three dots given on the top-right corner of the user’s post beside the username.only muting someones posts on instagram
  4. From the menu that appears, tap on the “Mute” option.use the mute option from the menu button
  5. From the pop-up select if you only want to mute the user’s posts or both posts and stories. Tap on one of the options.mute posts and story on instagram

Instagram users will be instantly muted by following the steps mentioned above. You may also want to learn How to Delete Comment on an Instagram Post

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