How to Mute and Unmute WhatsApp Group Chats on Android and iPhone

How to Mute and Unmute WhatsApp Group Chats on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp offers the user to create groups for different purposes. There could be a WhatsApp group of a class, a job, or simply for friends to catch up. If you are a member of any one WhatsApp group, you’ll receive messages from the other members in that group.

Constantly incoming messages on the WhatsApp group can cause disruption while doing some important work or while you’re resting. Therefore, WhatsApp has included the option to mute the group chats.

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By muting WhatsApp group chat, you will receive the messages but won’t be notified about it unless you are mentioned or replied to in the chat.

In this guide, we will show you how you can mute and unmute a WhatsApp group chat on iPhone and Android.

How to Mute WhatsApp Group Chat on Android

Here’s how you can mute and unmute group notification in WhatsApp on Android:

First, open the WhatsApp app in your device, and open the group chat you want to mute.

Next, tap on the three dots to open the options.muting whatsapp group conversation on Android

From the drop-down menu, select the “Mute Notifications” option.Mute Notifications option on Android

WhatsApp will ask you to select the duration for which you want to mute the notifications from that particular group. Options include 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. Select the appropriate time period, and make sure the checkbox next to the “Show Notifications” is unchecked as it will continue to send notifications in the status bar, notification tray as well as LED alerts, only the tone, and the pop-ups will be missing.duration to mute whatsapp group notifications

In this way, the WhatsApp group will be muted. To unmute the chat, long-press on the thread and tap the “Unmute” button.unmute the whatsapp group chat on android

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How to Mute WhatsApp Group Conversation on iPhone

Here’s how to do it:

First, open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and navigate to the chat you want to mute.muting whatsapp group conversation on iPhone

Swipe-right on the thread to reveal conversation options.

Here, tap on the “More” option with three dots.

From the pop-up select the “Mute” option.swipe right on whatsapp group chat to reveal more options

Next, select the duration of time for which you want to mute the group.

After selecting the time period, the WhatsApp group chat will be muted. To un-mute it, follow the steps mentioned above but this time tap on the “Unmute” option from the pop-up, and your group will be unmuted.

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