How to Mute Everyone on a Zoom Call

How to Mute Everyone on a Zoom CallSometimes the background noises from the other participant on the zoom call become very annoying. The only solution to this issue is muting everyone on the call. In this guide, we will show you how to mute everyone on a Zoom call.

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Muting All on Zoom Call

The below-mentioned method to mute all participants on a zoom call works for PC, Mac, Web, and tablet versions of Zoom. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Zoom app in your device and navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Click on “Participants” or “Manage Participants” option.tap on participants tab on zoom
  2. On the right pane where participants list is located, tap on the “Mute All” button.tap on mute all to mute all participants in zoom call
  3. A pop up will appear asking you if you want to mute the current and new participants, tap on Continue if you are sure.mute all in zoom and click on continue

(Note: Check the “Allow participants to unmute themselves” if you give them permission to another participant to unmute themselves before clicking on “Continue” button)a cancelled mic icon will show that the participant has been muted

A crossed mic icon will be displayed next to the muted participant name which depicts that the participant has been muted. To unmute everyone at once, tap or click on the “Unmute All” button given next to the “Mute All” button.

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