iOS does not offer to hide files and folders separately, anyone who has access to the phone can view the content i.e. photos. It is a bit tricky to hide and password protects the photos rather than just getting all the photos in a folder named ‘Hidden’. If you really want to password protect the photos and hide them so that only you can view them then you need to put the photos somewhere else rather than the gallery. As the Photos app does not allow you to put a password on it.

It is very simple and easy to hide and password protect the photos in iOS. In case you need to hide the photos, you need to place them in the Notes app, as the Notes app has the ability to password protect the Notes.

Protecting Photos with Password in iOS

When you want to protect and hide your photos, Notes is the best application to put them in. All you need is to follow a few simple steps.

  • All you need to open the photo you want to hide in a password
  • Tap it and click on the share button at the left bottom of the screen
  • From the menu, choose the Copy option, it will copy the photo to the clipboard
  • Now Open the Notes app and provide a note title
  • Tap and hold the notes content and tap Paste option to hold the imagePaste image in the notes
  • Your notes will keep the image as the content of the note
  • Tap the padlock button to lock and verify the lock with the passcode, Face ID or Touch ID
  • Now the note will be lockedAdd images to the notes and password protect them
  • Backup your phone and remove the actual photo from the phone
  • Now Encrypt the backup so no one can access it

This method is not recommended as if you don’t have any technical knowledge then the chances exist that you lose the Photo.

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