When watching movies or videos on YouTube often any distraction can divert your attention. So, you will need to go back to the scene and start watching from where you left. The best possible solution to this problem is to use FacePause. It is a Chrome extension and makes use of the camera to detect the face movements.

The FacePause automatically pause the YouTube videos when you look away from the screen. All it needs is to get access to the webcam and use the extension. It is an Experimental Web Platform Feature which is not enabled by default in Google Chrome.

Enabling Experimental Web Platform Features

All you need is to open Google Chrome and enable the Experimental Web Platform feature by placing the given code in the address bar and enable the Experimental Web Platform Feature in Chrome.


Enable Experimental Web Platform on Chrome

Press the RELAUNCH NOW button that appears at the bottom to relaunch Chrome.

Pausing YouTube Video When You Look Away

Now install FacePause from the extension and open YouTube. A little pop-up with a switch will enable the extension. Now the extension will ask the permission for the webcam. When enabled, you need to look to the screen so the extension can check your face and know when you are looking at the screen.

Enable Face Detected on FacePause

Now its all set up. Play a YouTube video and any time when you look away from the screen, the video will be paused. FacePause is a very powerful plugin that works with almost all the streaming websites.


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